• Heavy thatch prevents nutrients, water, and air from feeding your grass, and can be removed in spring or fall. Cont… https://t.co/dnofGVtVh3

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  • If the ground feels spongy or if you see standing water in your lawn, you are probably overwatering.… https://t.co/StnzWwFTwD

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  • The best time of all is when your certified TaskEasy contractor completes your mowing while you relax... or mid-mor… https://t.co/Ex9jDHt0gD

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  • Install edging around your beds, burying the lowest portion at least 6-8" below the soil. Contact… https://t.co/ty3ln9Cfri

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TaskEasy is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows contractors and property owners to buy or sell contractor services. Its platform organizes and manages contractors for various services, including lawn mowing, snow removal, pool cleaning, window washing, and other tasks

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