Nathan Furr

Nathan Furr is an entrepreneurship professor at Brigham Young University and visiting professor at Stanford University. Nathan earned his Ph.D. from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and studies issues of entrepreneurial development, tech commercialization, organization change, and venture capital. As part of his involvement with Kickstart, Nathan developed the Kickstart Seed Fund Class—an innovative, hand-on learning experience that integrates with the seed fund.

Professionally, Nathan has acted as the advisor or founder to startups in web 2.0, green technology, retail, professional services, and financial services industries. In addition, Nathan is a senior consultant to Greentech Media, the premier knowledge outlet for the clean technology sector; a founding partner at SVE Partners, an advisory service focused on entrepreneurial ventures; and the co-author of a major forthcoming book espousing a ground-breaking entrepreneurial market-validation process. Nathan was also a consultant at Monitor Group, a premiere international strategy consulting firm, working with senior executives on a range of strategic and market discovery initiatives. His consulting engagements have focused on advising senior executives in Fortune 500 firms on a range of issues relating to strategy, change, technology development, communication processes, strategic planning, competitive analysis, and marketing.

Nathan’s research focuses on market development and early stage entrepreneurial process. His current research examines how both startups and existing firms successfully adapt to enter a new market. Nathan has co-authored papers on how firms develop successful business models, the determinants of success when firms change industries, organizational learning in international diversification, and the management of change in dynamic environments. In addition, Nathan contributed to The Third Opinion: How Successful Leaders Use Outside Insight to Create Superior Results, which explores the little discussed use of advisor networks by top performing CEOs and executives. In addition to his doctoral studies, Nathan has a BA, MA, and an MBA.