Tyson Andrus

Tyson Andrus is currently the President & CMO of new, nationally distributed health foods company based in Utah. As the leader of a fledgling start-up he takes every challenge in stride while trying to enjoy the company’s achievements along the way, however small. From the very beginning of his career the source of Tyson’s passion has been a love of great product. And, while the underpinning for most iconic brands is in fact innovative product, he quickly learned that product alone doesn’t ensure success. Sound business strategy, effective marketing and above all else authenticity are also critical ingredients to success.

Starting as a marketing consultant and subsequently expanding his scope with an MBA from Columbia Business School, Tyson furthered his knowledge of brand building in the consumer packaged goods space. At General Mills he worked on the history rich Nature Valley Granola, helping to drive double digit growth towards the billion dollar mark through innovative marketing, sampling, key sponsorships, and incremental product line extensions.

Presented with an enticing opportunity in 2008, Tyson switched gears and dove into the consumer electronics industry. Over the course of his 5 years at Skullcandy the company achieved breakneck revenue growth from a baseline of $30M to $300M+. Post IPO Tyson returned to his consulting roots to both invest in and advise promising young companies on their journey to becoming established brands, which led him to the Kickstart Seed Fund.