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We support the best entrepreneurs in the Mountain West with capital, connections, and intelligence to launch hyper-growth companies.

At Kickstart we invest in exceptional founding teams…

We want you: entrepreneurs, explorers and builders who are passionate about improving the world through innovation and technology.

We seek optimists who are confident in their vision but flexible enough to meet the challenges of launching a groundbreaking product.

We love entrepreneurs who compel talent, partners and capital to their ideas and are relentless in building world-class teams.

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What Our CEOs Say:

We know how rocky the startup path can be. More than just capital, we’re your advisor, connector and companion for the life of your venture.

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Kickstart Collective

Traditionally, venture capital firms add value primarily through capital and one-on-one interactions like board meetings. At Kickstart, we go beyond this.

Kickstart Collective, our community platform, brings all the knowledge across our networks directly to our portfolio companies in the form of events, resources, and connections.

Collective makes an investment from Kickstart more than a new board member or a check: it’s an invitation to an exclusive community of founders in the Intermountain West who support, trust, and learn from one another.